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Our mission is to provide relocating businesses and residences with an authentic and genuine earth friendly packing and moving alternative that will save time, money and our Planet.

Why are we cutting down our trees to make a cardboard box to pack and move with it once maybe twice, just to throw it away in a landfill, when we can use our trash as a new resource to change the way we pack and move in Canada.

When you pack and move with a new or used cardboard boxes it's a triple negative. It's bad for the ecology since we have to cut down a tree to make a cardboard box. It's bad for the environment because when you recycle a cardboard box, about 40% is used to make another box and the 60% non usable sludge is either burned releasing C02 emissions and soot into our atmosphere or it's dumped into a landfill. And it's bad for our economy as we spend a lot of time, energy, fuel and resources to recycle this material.

The real problem is that gasoline prices are high and it's just not cost effective to recycle used cardboard boxes, so they end up in a landfill. Industry then focuses on cutting down new trees, to make more boxes that, again, will end up in a landfill. When you use Green Box Rental's service, we stop this vicious cycle of ecological and environmental destruction.

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