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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I confirm the order?

    Once we receive you order request, we will call you to confirm the order and process charges

  2. Why should I use "Green Box Rental (GBR)"?

    By using our service, you will save time, money, and our planet.

  3. Why don't I just drive around and collect used card board boxes?

    Precisely, you waste time and gas driving around looking for these boxes; quess what, you will have to do more trips because all these boxes will not fit in your vehicle and you still don't have perfect boxes to stack. Card board boxes will crush, get wet, absorb bacteria, need taping, and won't have any handles.

  4. Is your service really cheaper and easier than using new plastic?

    Yes, it is and here's a quick explanation on why our system is cheaper, faster and better for the earth:

    1: Need fewer boxes - you can pack more in our boxes as they are very durable.

    2: You eliminate the following when you use our service:

    No driving around wasting time and gas looking for boxes
    No more wasting time assembling the boxes
    No more taping
    No more "unstackable" different size card board boxes
    No more disassembling the boxes
    No more time wasted getting rid of the boxes

    3: The Green Boxes stack perfectly and makes your move more effecient.

  5. Are you a moving company

    No, we are not a moving company. We have re-invented the cardboard moving box made from hard to recycle plastic trash. We make it cheaper and more efficient for you; at the same time, we help the environment

  6. Can I pickup my order from one of your warehouses?

    At this time, we can only deliver the (recopacks) direct to your place and pick them up after. In order to keep our prices under the cost of buying new or used cardboard boxes, we have opted to be a direct delivery service without all of the overhead costs typically found with an open to the public warehouse operation.

  7. Does the delivery fee cover both delivery and pick up?

    Yes, the charge covers both delivery and pickup; however, delivery and pick up is free in our Zone.

  8. Do you service commercial businesses, small companies and special projects?

    Yes! Please submit a request form on our order page; if the order is outside of our bundle packages, leave us a note in the message box and we'll contact you to green your move.

  9. Can we buy one of your cool lime green boxes?

    We get this question all the time and at this time we are not selling them to the public. At this point, each green box is really expensive to produce and not practical to sell direct to the public; they are designed to be sustainable, made from recycled product and engineered to last for up to 400 round trip applications. Basically, they are made for industrial use. When they do become worn out, we just grind them up and make another green box.

  10. What's so special about your boxes?

    Our boxes are made from recycled platic; our boxes are extremely tough and durable making it last for about 400 moves. The name of the game is to REUSE as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment

  11. How do I pay?

    We accept cash or e-transfer.

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